Weekly Recap: Gems, Gems and More Gems!

Nearing 40k. I love the smell of gold in the morning!
Well, it's Monday and the weekend is over (whew!). It's time to recap how my weekly gold making went. I'm going to go over what worked, what didn't and follow up with what I like to call "Odds and Trends".

By keeping track of how I did it will enable me to look back in the future and either see how far I've come in my gold making skills or perhaps help me remember a gold making strategy that worked. Follow me after the jump to see how I did.

What Worked

Inferno Rubies - I was pleasantly surprised at how robust the gem market was this last week. I made more off of jewelcrating this last week than I ever have before. I have been selling as many Inferno Rubies as I can get my hands on to cut into Brilliant, Delicate and Bold Inferno Rubies. My prices have reached to the high of 260 per cut gem depending on how many people were below me in price.

A good strategy I found was spending an hour or two babysitting the AH. When one would sell I would cut another and post it immediately. I would constantly be checking the price and either undercutting or buying out and reposting anyone who got in my way. If my competition was offline (yes, I friend all my major competitors and you should too especially in the glyph market) then i would often buy the 4 or 5 below me and reset the market back to 250g/ea.

If the raw Inferno Ruby supply on the AH was low I would also buy those out and re-list them about 10g above my cut prices. My thinking is that if a buy would balk at the cut prices their first thought is to buy a raw gem to have cut. If, however, raw gems are above the cut prices then their best bet is just to buy the (slightly overpriced) cut gem and be on their way. It seems when it comes to cut Inferno Rubies people just like to get them and move on with a little effort as possible.

As for my supply of Inferno Rubies I was able to obtain some very well priced Obsidium Ore throughout the weekend and prospected and had my transmute spec alchemist make the Inferno Rubies for me. (I even got some good procs as well.)

JC Daily Gems - I did really well on jewelcrafting daily gem sales this week. I was able to do really well with the Nightstone and Zephyrite dailies often selling through my entire stock at between 25-35g ea.

Jasper I didn't do so well on. While I was online with the reset happened and was able to reset the market to 35g ea. I had to hit the sack and that meant that I missed out on almost the entire day of the Jasper daily. I think that lots of JC have lots of Jasper and not much to do with it.

Jasper day was a bust and I have stacks of Jasper to show for it. Hopefully the price of enchanting mats will go up a but and it will be profitable to make Jasper rings again. If not perhaps next Jasper daily will work out better.

I had a good supply of daily gems because I have been prospecting so much Obsidum Ore to get Carnelians for my Inferno Ruby transmutes.

What Didn't Work
New Bracer Pattern -  As you know from my last post I picked up a Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Strength on the AH for 10k and had grand ideas of making gold off performing/selling the enchanting scrolls. So far I've chickened out and have decided to try to sell the formula to recoup my 10k.

I didn't know enough about the market for that enchant and think I jumped in a bit too hastily. I think the main people who would want that expensive of an enchant are high end raiders and most likely their guild purchased the pattern for one of their enchanters and that's who they will get it from. We'll see if my formula sells.

Darkmoon Cards - Before this last Darkmoon Faire I decided to dip my toe into the Darkmoon Card market. I spent more gold than I'd like to mention on cards (this was before cheap Whiptail was around) and ended up scraping a Hurricane Deck together. Luckily for me all my extra cards sold but my vision of selling an Agi DMC: Hurricane never came to pass.

During the Faire the price of the Agi DMC dropped to 15k at the lowest point and with the above mentioned cheap Whiptail and Volatile Life in the market right now I don't see the price going back up anytime soon. At least I made a card that one of my alts can use if the price never rebounds. Still it was disappointing.

Odds and Trends
Whiptail Spawn Rate Madness - In case you've been hiding under a rock this last week you should have heard of the buffed spawn rates of many Cata herbs including Whiptail. I did a few posts about it this last week including one about the potential market ramifications, the uses for all our easy Whiptail and a video showing a great Whiptail farming hotspot.

The long term effects are yet to be seen but for now I'd imagine most herbalists in "the know" have a few bank tabs fill of Whiptail and we can expect prices of Cata herbs to continue to drop. Depending on how you make your gold this may be really good or really bad. Either way its here and unless Blizzard decides to change it it's here to stay.

New/Fixed Meta Gem Requirements - As mentioned in the "What Worked" section Blizzard recently fixed older meta requirements and added new metas with requirements that often include lots of red gems. What this meant for us JCs was that people who had previously needed something like "More Blue than Red" are now replacing all those mickey-mouse gems with proper pure red replacements.

What this means is that there is a very strong market for pure red Int, Agi and Str Inferno Rubies. If you can get these somehow I'd recommend doing it. Of course check your server's current market as always.

Glyph Prices Rising - This may be an anomaly on my server but the prices for many glyphs have been pushing int the 200g range and this has been good to my Scribe.

Always be sure to have your TSM fallback price fairly high. Players are getting used to paying more for glyphs and we can use this to our advantage. My current fallback price is 176g but I'm considering raising it if the sales for the higher prices remain strong.

Recap Wrap Up
Well that about does it for this week's recap. I may have made more with inscription (slow and steady) and JC (wowee wow!) this week than any previous week. This is a great time to be making gold.

I'm anxious to see if these trends continue into this week as the market continues to adjust to cheap herbs and mets gem changes.

How about you? How did your week go? What has been working for you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!


  1. Alto is a noob.

    Having a maxxed alchemist, I really don't log onto her much other than for the daily transmute of Life, and to make Shadowspirit Diamonds. I had no idea until I read this that when you "transmute" (duh, alto) Inferno Rubys, you can get a proc.

    How did I not realize that? Not that it would work right now, as Carnelian alone is 30g, and Inferno uncuts are 100g. So unless I can find 3 Heartblossoms for 10g, I don't even have a break even on em. But I am happy to know about the procs!

    Thanks Flux, I appreciate the info.

  2. @Altolycus Yeah the procs really help make xmuting Inferno Rubies profitable. OreCrusher has an option to specify if you are transmute spec and takes that into consideration when it gives its recommendations.

    Right now Inferno Rubies are going for 175g and above so for me it is profitable for the moment.

  3. what add on do you use to track your earnings?

  4. @tcsloan44 Funny story. I don't actively use an addon to track my earnings. I do have Bean Counter installed (comes with Auctioneer). I've used it a bit and should probably use it more.

    I tend to only work in a few areas at a time and feel able to keep a pretty good history in my head.

    I've been keeping an eye out for an addon dedicated to tracking my earnings. Anyone able to recommend a good one?

  5. @tcsloan44 If you meant the addon in the first screenshot it is Broker_Currency. It shows different currencies across multiple toons.

  6. Try MySales for the tracking issue.

  7. I've been having great success buying out copious amounts of Pyrite Ore at 8g/ea or less, and prospecting it.

    Use the Hessonite, Alicite, and Jaspers to craft rings and necklaces, then DE them. Selling the rares on the AH. AH the Nightstones and Carnelians raw. Cut the blue gems and post them on the AH. Sell the Volatile Earth, or use a miner to make Hardened Elementium Bars.