Time To Squeeze New Gold From Old (Lich King) Tricks?

Northrend: Still cold!
While listening to the JMTC meeting one thing that caught my ear was the fact that on a few servers the price for Frostweave Cloth as well as Infinite Dust was quite high.

This makes me wonder if it is time to start looking into making gold by looking back to Northrend. If so what should we be looking? It might be time to dust off a few old LK gold making tricks.

One reason given for Infinite Dust prices was the fact that players leveling enchanting needs lots of it to get through the Lich King portion of the leveling curve.

Current server prices for Infinite Dust.
I know when I recently leveled an enchanter that this was true. I bought it straight from the AH. I bought it in 20 stacks. (Lots of 20 stacks!)

TUJ Infinite Dust snapshot. Liking the shortages.
There is no efficient method of collecting (or farming) large amounts of Infinite Dust in sufficient quantities to get through this portion of the enchanting leveling curve (unless you've planned  ahead). During LK you could relay on cheap Infinite Dust and/or lots of greens from alts to DE. That's not true anymore.

As for Frostweave Cloth I can imagine the reason prices are going up is that all the stockpiled supply people had from LK has been sold or used up. I know my supply went into Frostweave Bags.

Current Frostweave (See the chance for me to reset ?)
TUJ Frostweave Cloth snapshot. A few supply shortages.
The other major reason is most likely the lower amount of players going through Northrend. We aren't living there and running chain heroics etc. Lower supply can have the effect of driving up prices if the demand is still there.

Is it time to start looking into farming value from the Lich King content?

Are we far enough into this expansion that LK remains largely untouched by the majority of the player population? If so how can we make the most of this vacuum?

Is it time to start performing some 'internet archeology" and start rediscovering guides to farming Frostweave Cloth or how best to get Infinite Dust via DE'ing items crafted from Tailoring, LW and BS?

I miss trees!
As for me, I'm going to be watching the server prices for at least Frostweave Cloth and Infinite Dust. If the prices look healthy It may be time to start dusting off some old gold making skills from LK. (My mage is ready to farm cloth and as well as craft and DE items to get dusts.)

Have you noticed prices for LK mats/items raising? If so what are you doing to take advantage of them? Also what are some of your favorite guides for making gold in LK that might warrant another look?


  1. For the NR enchanting mats my favorite thing to do is craft massacre, berserking, and SP to staff scrolls. They always sell well and often in addition to having a semi predictable supply. I haven't got into bags because like many other servers the cloth is as high as 3g per single piece. Then again even in wrath I never had good sales with the bags.

  2. @Stokpile What is thebest way you've found to get those NR enchanting mats?

  3. Psst, Flux....

    Don't tell anyone ;-)