Bracer Formulas, Big Profits?

The competition.
So recently a friend had Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength drop for them as a world drop. I was excited for them but even more excited for myself as I had been anxious to see these new enchants come up for auction. A few minutes they had it posted it on the AH and I ended up buying it out.

Now I'd like to say I bought it because they were a friend (which may be a little true) but I really bought it because at the moment I had visions of gold dancing in my head. That lasted for a few minutes after the purchase followed closely by the feeling of dread. What if I'd made a mistake? What if I hadn't really thought this out fully? Read on after the jump to learn about betting on the future.

So I bought the Formula: Enchant Bracer - Major Strength for 10k. This is my starting point. At the time I tried my best to check UMJ and get a good ball park idea about the formula's value. I don't believe 10k was too expensive. I also believe 10k is a lot for me to drop on a single item no matter what it is.

On the other hand if I decide to keep the pattern and learn it on one of my enchanters will I be able to make up that initial 10k investment over time or will I end up in the hole? Do I plan ahead and wait what could be a very profitable enchant to have or do I sell the pattern and try to either get my 10k back (or even make a few k off the pattern)?

At this point I'm leaning heavily towards selling the formula itself now while the value is equal to what I paid for it. Last night I left with putting it up as a 19.9k BO and a 14.9k bid. Tonight I see there are 4 more patterns up which makes me feel this may be a much more common pattern then I had initially thought.

The one thing that makes me think to keep it is the value of the Enchant Bracer - Major Strength scroll. It seems to be overing around 10k per scroll on a few servers and my server doesn't show any on the AH. the mats are going for around 6.2k at the moment. This may be a good outlet for the Maelstrom Crystal stock I've been building up since my Engineer switched to Engineering/Enchanting (to be able to Disenchant the Goggles into Maelstrom Crystals).

Decisions decisions. On the one hand I have a chance to get all my money back and on the other I have a chance to possibly provide a good solid flow of income if, *if*, I am able to sell the enchant scrolls for a good price.

Who would spend 10k on a bracer enchant? I've always believed it's not up to me to decide how players spend their gold. It does make me wonder why there aren't any scrolls up at the moment. Perhaps people are just trying to sell the formulas at the moment. Maybe the mats are too valuable to tie up in a scroll for many sellers. Only time will tell.

Should I take the plunge or will I just end up all wet?

How have you, our readers, dealt with the new bracer patterns coming into the market? Have you made big profits? Have you taken large losses? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


  1. Hmm, that's a tough call! There are quite a few of the new enchant patterns on our AH - I've seen maybe 12-15 different sellers over the weekend & prices have dropped from an initial 45k to less than 10k. I'm guessing either people are buying the pattern & hoping to resell but they got it wrong or they really are more common drop than expected.

    I've not seen any of the new enchant scrolls up either - at 6k mats cost, I'm not sure how big a market it will be at this stage. But I'm cautious by nature & haven't got a good grip on the enchant market yet anyway!

    I did get the Agi meta gem cut though - now that turned out to be a good buy!

  2. @Nev So far I'm being cautious and trying to sell the pattern. The more I think about it the more I agree with you. There may not be much of a way to make profit on this. I'd imagine raiding guilds buy this for one enchanter to do all their enchants. 6k is a lot so spend on a wrist enchant.

    Also good to hear the Agi meta cut is working out. I'll have to keep my eye out for that. I've been making an absolute killing on the big three Inferno Ruby cuts (Agi, Int, Str). I can't keep stock them fast enough (and can often fix the price upwards of 250 depending on how many are below me). The new meta requirement fixes have been great for driving demand as people switch metas.