The Murglesnout Gambit

That's a lot of fish!
A recent post over at Auction House Addict about patch 4.0.6 reminded me I wanted to make a quick post about what I am calling the "Murglesnout Gambit".

What You may ask is the "Murglenout Gambit"? And wth is a Murglesnout? Tthe Murglesnout is a fish that has been able to be fished up but had no corresponding cooking recipe. Up until this point the only real use for these has been a cheap food for certain hunter pets.

When I got wind that a new recipe was being added in 4.0.6 I started snapping these little guys up for a few silver a piece. I am hoping that when Murglesnout are able to be cooked into Scalding Murglesnout via the new Recipe: Scalding Murglesnout the price for these will go up.

I may not be the only one who will have thought of this on my server. All I may end up with is half a bank tab's worth of smelly fish but as cheap as these have been it wasn't much of a risk.

Only the next week or so will tell if the prices on these go up. Worst case scenario I have lots of mats to help my toons level  cooking.

How about you? Did you try the "Murglesnout Gambit"? If so how is it working out for you?

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