The Green Pigment Dilemma

So much pigment. So little time.
So as many of us scribes have noticed unlike WotLK, where it was often cheaper to simply buy one type of ink (Ink of the Sea) and convert it to any other types needed via the ink trader, currently darkmoon cards, price of herbs and Mysterious Fortune Cards keep Darkfallow ink prices much higher than prices of lower types of ink.

This has caused many of us to purchase and/or mill the lower herbs to get the inks we need to keep our loving customers in the glyphs they need. A side effect of this is that we are ending up with lots of green quality pigments used to make green quality inks. And by lots I mean lots.

I've been struggling to find an efficient way to rid myself of these pigments and wanted to turn to our readers to ask: What have you been doing to get rid of/use the green quality pigments you have been getting?

My initial thought was to craft off hands with the inks. I sold a few but they rest ended up as DE fodder. I'm still on the hunt for some use for them. If i find a good one I'll update this post.

'Til then, Happy Hunting!


  1. hello :) I'm just wandering around the blog world whilst milling/ink crafting & having exactly the same thoughts! I haven't worked this one out yet either but I have had some luck with just selling the inks. I think that levelling scribes are finding it cheaper to buy these than milling yet more expensive herbs to get them.

    Thanks to for the link, I'll add you to my blogroll too :) look forward to hearing/reading more from you soon.

  2. @Nev Thanks for reading and adding me. You're one of my favorite gold bloggers. I decided to do similar. Got TSM set up to sell all my green inks. Still nailing down pricing. Some do them appear to be selling fairly well (not as fast as I make them but better then vendoring them).