The Fight Against MMO Gold Selling Ads. Advice?

Love /r/wow!
I loved reddit. I love the WoW subreddit. Besides WoW it is one of my favorite places to interact with fellow players. Imagine my dismay then when a recent post from PW:G that I had submitted was flagged as having MMO gold seller ads on it.

How was I going to deal with it? What could I do to try to keep this from happening in the future?

Now being relatively new to WoW gold blogging I have to say that I'm learning a ton everyday. Today I learned how to create a blocklist for my Google AdSense account in order to block offending MMO gold seller sites that a few redditors had let me know about.

While I'm not going to get into the hows of blocking ads from certain sites in this post (possibly a future post) I did want to include an image of the sites I am currently blocking on PW:G.

A few of the offenders.
The reason I'm including it in an image and not a list is that I don't want to be associated with these sites at all including having the text of their name on my blog. The information on the who I am blocking may be useful if you are also fighting against MMO gold seller ads on your blog.

I know a few other gold bloggers also submit to reddit and I think taking some time to read through the comments (especially the ones from the moderator) on my recent post will be helpful. I'd hate for gold bloggers to get a bad name on /r/wow.

Reddit aside, I really feel that RMT (Real Money Trading) is a cancer on the MMO genre as a whole and I feel that doing all we can to fight it is worth the effort.

What I really wanted to do was ask how all of you, the more experienced gold bloggers, have dealt with MMO gold seller ads showing up on your blogs. Any tips or tricks you know? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

Also if you ever see any MMO gold seller ads on PW:G I would appreciate you letting me know via an email. You can find the email address under "Contact Us" on the side bar.


  1. Hey brother, you need to setup a page for just the culprits for the cut and paste purposes. It should be pretty easy as long as you already have a list going.

  2. While I considered this I don't really want a bunch of MMO gold seller sites as plain text somewhere on my blog as it could exacerbate the problem. Here is a link to a long list of known MMO gold selling sites that a redditor let me know about. (Also see my post from today about the topic.)