Converting Large Negative Copper Values To Actual Gold Values.

One of these things is not like the other.
So I got sidetracked while writing a post (which will be out sometime in the near future) by the fact that one of my toons had a rather strange number floating around in their Statistics > Character > Wealth screen. Can you pick it out? (Hint: I don't think -2014179932 copper is right.)

While at first I thought it was somewhat comical. "I earned so much gold that I broke the World of Warcraft!" (aka "Breaking WoW: Like a Boss!") It wasn't all that useful.

I knew I wasn't quite savvy enough to figure this particular problem out. What was an auctioneer to do?

"STOP!....Hold it...Zoom!....Zoom and Enhance!"
The answer of course is to get top men working on it right now. Top. Men. So, I turned to the one place I knew I could find them: reddit.

I posted this thread on /r/wow and within minutes a wonderfully helpful redditor named consonaut not only provided me with a solution (which turned out to be 228,078g, 73s 64c) but also helped me understand how to solve it. (The whole thread is worth a read.)

Not content to simply know the answer to my own particular problem, I decided to make sure other auctioneers out there would be able to get a proper accounting of the total gold they have acquired.

To that end I've created Flux's WoW Negative Copper To Actual Gold Converter. A page where you can convert your large negative copper values into actual gold values with the press of a button.

Converter in action.
I decided to create it as a page instead of a post to make it a bit easier to link to for future reference. A link to the page will always be on our sidebar under "Pages".

I'd like to thank consonaut again for all the help and I hope you all enjoy it.

How much did your total gold acquired ended up being? Let us know in the comments.

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