Big List of MMO Gold Seller Sites to Ad Block.

The problem.
If you read my post from yesterday you know I've been working to rid my blog of MMO gold seller ads.

I had been discussing this in the comments of a reddit post I made a few days ago and during the discussion a redditor shared their big list of MMO gold seller sites that need blocking.

I am passing along this information if you too would like to keep these ads from showing up on your blog.

Here is a link to the comment where they give the list. As you can see it is quite extensive and gives us a little bit of an idea as to how many players are in this.

Again I am firmly against the trade of in-game gold/items/power leveling etc for real-world money. It is against most MMOs terms of service and has an overall negative effect on the games they choose to infect.

We make our gold the good old fashioned way. One copper at a time with out wits, persistence and the help of each other!

Again I encourage my fellow gold bloggers to consider blocking ads from the sites listed in the link above.

Also I got a very good suggestion which was to add a notice letting people know I do not condone MMO gold selling and provide a way for readers to report any of these type of ads that do show up.

If you see and MMO gold seller ads on my blog please let me know at


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    I wish you luck in trying to rid the site of Gold Sellers, I think you have quite a task on your hands.

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    Wow. Just my opinion here, but I hope that our readers are smart enough NOT to purchase from these folks, as most of them don't even glance at the ads anyways...we are fighting a losing battle, my friend. Flux vs. Golaith if you will. Good luck and godspeed to you!


  2. @Altolycus Thanks for the heads up. Yes I saw the first one you listed as well and I had blocked it earlier today. The second one has now been added.

    I don't consider this a losing battle. I consider it necessary to help maintain the distinction between what we do/write about and a part of the industry that many players (me included) feel is pretty much a cancer on MMO gaming as a whole.

    Were you there the first few weeks of Aion? That game was damaged pretty badly by gold sellers when it first launched.

    You just have to keep up the good fight.

  3. Thanks a lot for getting this info! Will be using it definatly